Rehab-Robotics leaders visited Xuan Wu Hospital in Beijing




During first week of February, Rehab-Robotics leaders visited Xuan Wu Hospital in Beijing. Xuan Wu Hospital has been using Hand of Hope system for more than a year and Rehab-Robotics received very positive feedback from therapists. Some patients take a 3-hours flight to the hospital in order to undergo training with Hand of Hope!

The department of neurology, Xuanwu hospital (宣武医院神经内科) is a hospital department that was established in 1968. It was the first national research center on neurology and neurosurgery, and it has been nationally recognized as the premier center for the research and treatment of neurological disorders and neurosurgical diseases in China.

Rehab-Robotics Company is honored to receive positive feedback on usage of Hand of Hope system from the leading neurology professionals in one of the best China's hospitals - Xuanwu.



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